Woodbine Saddle Club
Woodbine Saddle Club

The Woodbine Saddle Club's goal is to encourage
young people to develop traits of leadership and
cooperation and to improve their equestrian skills.  The
club strives to accomplish this through their youth's
participation in their various programs and activities.
Our Mission Statement:

  • Kids' night at the rodeo, July 5, 2018
  • Host 57th Annual Rodeo July  6 & 7, 2018
  • Rodeo parade-Saturday morning, July 7 , 2018
  • Host Spring and Fall Horse & Tack Sales
  • Annual Soup Supper & Election Meeting
  • Monthly Board & Officers Meetings
  • Quarterly meetings for all members
  • Workdays-to improve and maintain grounds & building
  • Attend Parades
  • Members host trail rides
  • Drill Teams
  • Rodeo Queen Competition
  • Fun days in our arena
  • Spring Horse & tack sale April 22 at Avoca, Iowa
  • Scholarship program for member high school seniors
  • See scholarship requirements below
  • President: Austin Schaben
  • Vice President: Danny & Jeanna Baxter
  • Secretary: Irene Zennith Wilber
  • Treasurer: Merrill & Hazel Mohn
  • Board of Directors:
Morgan Baxter, , Marissa Knott, Bob Paine,  
Jeff Pauley, Kealy Schaben, Jerry Shafer,
Kendra Walker
The Woodbine Saddle Club was awarded the honor of being chosen as the Interstates Rodeo Association
2015 Rodeo of the Year.  This picture shows representatives from the board who traveled to the IRA's
awards banquet at Mound City, MO on February 27, 2016.  Also congratulations to our own Melissa Pauley
who will be serving as their 2016 Rodeo Queen.  She is holding the belt buckle which was awarded to her
and she will be wearing as she represents the IRA.
The Woodbine Saddle Club received the Interstates
Rodeo Association "Rodeo of the Year" award for 2015
and 2017.