Everyone can enjoy the sportsmanship and good
"clean" fun. We will have an evening of games and
fun activities for kids of all ages. The admission is
FREE to all with a small fee for mutton busting.


This event includes the Mutton Busting
preliminaries. Kids must be under 60 pounds to
ride a sheep.
If you have a protective helmet or vest that you
approve of please bring it along.  We do have
helmets and protective vests for the riders to
wear. However,  we do not guarantee that every
child will have a custom fit with these safety items.  
You use them at your child's own risk.
For safety, laced shoes, long pants and long
sleeved shirts are required.
Below, see a copy of the required liability waiver
form which must be signed by a parent or guardian.
The waiver form can be printed before kid's night
from this page.
The top 30 riders (15 each night) will be asked to
return for our Friday or Saturday Night Rodeo
performance to ride again in the finals. Belt
buckles will be awarded to first place riders Friday
and Saturday night with trophies awarded to
second and third place riders.  All other riders on
Friday and Saturday will receive participation
trophies.  The finalist riders and one parent will
have free admission to the rodeo.
Woodbine Saddle Club
Woodbine Saddle Club
"Kids' Night at the Rodeo"
Thursday evening, JULY
11, 2019

Admission is free for everyone.  There is a $5.00 charge for each mutton buster.  
This form will be updated for the 2019 rodeo