Woodbine Saddle Club
Woodbine Saddle Club
2019 Woodbine Rodeo Queen
Jessica Meseck
Qualifications for future Woodbine Saddle Club Queen candidates:
Candidates for the Woodbine Saddle Club rodeo queen shall be between the age of 14 and 21 years - having reached
her 14th birthday and not having reached her 22nd birthday by January 1, of the year she serves her term. They shall be
single, never married, be of good moral standing, must have parent/guardian permission, and exhibit horsemanship
They shall have been an "active" member of the club for a minimum of the two years before she serves her term as
queen.  (Active is interpreted as having participated in or helped with a minimum of one club activity in each of those two
A deadline for having their dues paid in the two years previous to their term has been established.    2019 queen
candidates will have their dues paid by April 30 in 2017 and 2018 as the information about the membership requirements
will have been available for those two years.
Woodbine Saddle Club member
Kaylee Tremel
Miss Teen Rodeo Iowa 2018